Hikvision IP and HD over analogue CCTV installation's have come much more affordable for small to medium size businesses on lower budgets, thanks to the CCTV manufacturer’s wide range of cameras. Hikvision provides customers with a huge amount of choice in terms of image quality, style of camera and most importantly, price.

Advantages of a Hikvision CCTV installation

  • Hikvision IP cameras are easy to install, meaning less time on site for installers. They are also very easy to use, so you can get to grips with your new IP CCTV system faster and start reaping the benefits sooner.

  • Hikvision Turbo CCTV systems allow for a cost effective solution to upgrade your existing analogue camera system to up to 4k 8 megapixel while using your existing wiring.

  • Hikvision IP CCTV systems come with built-in motion detection and basic analytics, so you can use those features out of the box without buying expensive analytics software to do so.

  • Hikvision systems are fully expandable, which allows you to start small if your budget requires it, adding new cameras as and when you are able. It also allows larger companies to easily expand their IP CCTV systems as their business expands into new premises.

What you need for a basic IP CCTV set-up

For a basic Hikvision IP CCTV installation, all you need is a Network Video Recorder (NVR), the required number of IP CCTV cameras and cabling. Hikvision NVRs also come with a built-in Power over Ethernet (PoE) switch, which cuts down cabling costs because cameras can be operated and powered with just one cable. 

The advantage of IP cameras is that one camera can replace a large number of analogue cameras because their range is much wider and the quality of images so much higher. So although IP cameras may be more expensive, you will need far less of them to gain complete coverage of your premises.

4mp Super HD CCTV on a budget 

If your budget still doesn’t allow for IP, we can install Hikvision Super HD CCTV cameras using HD over Coax technology, allowing for further savings on time and cost. There are lots of different camera types for any environment, be it indoors or out. All you need is an HD Digital Video Recorder (DVR), 4mp camera.

Talk to us about your Hikvision IP CCTV installation

We can design, commission and install bespoke Hikvision IP and Turbo CCTV systems to your exact specifications or requirements. Give us a call on 01270 382302 or fill out a contact form and we’ll call you to discuss the options available for your Hikvision IP CCTV installation.

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