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Smart Deep Learning CCTV Camera Systems

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Camera automated visual and audible alarms

Smart tracking cameras

Thermal cameras

Audio Challenge Systems

Remote Monitoring with Police response

Paxton Access Control

Alarm Installation

Panic alarm systems

Intercom Systems

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Alarm systems

Feel safe and secure with MF Security’s intruder, panic, C02 detectors, temperature and water sensors. We will help you protect your premises with our security systems. Now you can check on the alarm though the latest app directly to your phone, get notified when the alarm activates or even when it has been unset. You can also have the system monitored directly to monitoring station having a Police response upon a confirmed alarm activation. All installed and maintained to SSAIB requirements.

Video Surveillance

We offer residential and commercial quality security cameras that provide superior optical quality, contrast distinction and a range of features from viewing in complete darkness to remotely moving the PTZ cameras as required. MF Security is an expert at installing equipment that blends into a high profile or elegant environment so that security doesn’t ruin the ambiance of your environment.

Selections include dome cameras, ultra hi-resolution color cameras, hidden cameras, bullet cameras, infrared cameras, day/night cameras, weather resistant cameras, vandal resistant cameras, 24hr colour cameras, AI cameras, network cameras and pan-tilt-zoom cameras. Our network video recorders (NVR) allow you to see and hear what is going on at a location remotely over the Internet. All video footage is stored on a local hard drive.


Access Control


Door access systems offer a great solution to manage a flexible way to authorize or restrict access of people in a variety of locations. Special locks work through a centrally managed card system that allows or denies access, simultaneously logging each and every attempt to pass through a location. The hassle of tracking metal keys and changing key cores is replaced with efficient, difficult to copy magnetic and radio frequency transmitting key cards. These systems can handle from the smallest buildings to even the largest multi site setups with up to 64,000 cards being simultaneously deployed.